How you can help

We need your help to achieve this important change in the law. Here’s some ways you can help:

1 Tell the government you want a right to parody - you have until March 21st

The Government are considering whether to create a new exception to parody. We think that's a great idea. The best thing you can do write now is write to the government and tell them why you think this is a good idea - that will help convince them this is the right thing to do. We've produced a quick guide about doing this here.

2 Make and publish a parody

This is a campaign about parodies: what better way to help than to parody the people who want to shut us up? Get in touch if you'd like to help or have an idea. Or simply add a parody to our Flickr group.

3 If you publish, make, write or perform parodies, let us know

Do you find you have to risk accusations of copyright infringement? Do you find yourself watering down or simply not publishing parodies because of these risks? Are you forced to seek the permission of the copyright owner?

If your parody is published online, let us know. Did you choose to host your parody outside of the UK, perhaps in the USA, because parodies of copyright works are legal in copyright law in that country?

We need declarations of support from comedians, musicians and writers, as well as campaigners. Get in touch if you can help.

4 Write to your MP

You can quickly write to your MP to let them know that you are worried or affected by this blight on free speech. The government is thinking about changing the law, so it would be great if your MP hears from you.

5 Sign the petition!

Sign the petition on the right - that’s the simplest and quickest action you can take.

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